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Тема: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

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    Exclamation Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Ashlynn Leigh - Stroke of love

    Size: 364 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:33:04

    Ashlynn was getting guitar lessons from Stephan. During the lesson, she admitted that she saw his picture online and really just wanted him in her bedroom. She told him her mother was deep asleep from sleeping pills in her bedroom. She grabbed his cock and expressed to him how much she would love to suck his dick. She told him she was eighteen and soon after, his cock was in her mouth.

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Nikki Benz and Devon - Boy Toy

    Size: 313 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:31:54

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Hydie Waters - Juicy hydie

    Size: 505 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:45:56

    Hydie needed to paint her room and we offered her some assistance in doing so. She was looking awesome painting the room with that nice ass of hers bouncing all over the place. Shortly after our boy came into help her paint but got distracted by that wonderful ass. Before you knew it we put the painting on pause and let the real fun begin. She gave a blowjob like a champion, all wet and slobbery and she grind-ed on his cock from every position. She even wanted to do the pile driver position. This girl is a winner. Here is one for your records, Enjoy!

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Brianna Ray, Kristen Cameron, Rylie - A swing fling

    Size: 418 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:38:01

    Rylie recently had a sex swing installed in her bedroom, so she invited Kristen and Bree over to try it out. After some girl talk, Kristen got on the swing and the girls started to lick her pussy. They took turns trying out different positions. They all had multiple orgasms and Kristen even squirted a few times.

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Melissa Lauren - Time for COCKtails!

    Size: 320 mb
    Resolution: 720x480
    Duration: 00:32:47

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Kasey Chase - Pretty pink

    Size: 326 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:27:48

    I met this girl online and she looked great in her profile picture. I showed up at her house to finally meet, and she looked 10 years younger than the picture. I was about to leave but she insisted that she was 18 and wanted me to stay, even if it was just to talk. She insured me that she was 18 and wanted to be with an older man. I wasted no time after our little talk. I showed her what it was like to get fuck by a pro. She definitely needs some lessons, but she has plenty of time to learn. I made her pussy cum so many times. She did not know what to do. I made sure that the guy she fucks is going to have trouble competing with me.

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Hazel - Goods for sale

    Size: 431 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:39:08

    J-Mac and I got a call from our boy Gas. He told us he had been chiseling away at this one girl who stands out by the main road and sells water. Gas let us know she was ready to try and make a little more money than usual and we met him out there so we can meet her. Hazel was immediately drawn to the promise of more money in a couple of hours than what she would make in 2 or 3 days peddling water. And J-Mac made sure to sweeten the deal for her when she agreed to climb into our car for a ride by whipping out his cock and getting her all excited. She popped that coochie all over his dick and he could not help but blast off all over her face. Let us just say she definitely saw where he was cumming from.

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    June Star - Star quality

    Size: 354 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:32:11

    J-Mac and I had to go pick up a buddy of his at the train station and we saw June there. He approached her while I stayed back so as to not freak her out with the camera. She was very resistant and mean at first but once she saw we were just regular guys looking for a good time, she loosened up. I mean really loosened up. We offered her a ride to her destination and a couple hundred bucks to just hang out with us a little. J-Mac put the moves on her and before she knew it, she was slobbering all over his cock. She had a great ass and J-Mac could not get enough.

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Sara Stone - Touch my titties

    Size: 456 mb
    Resolution: 720x480
    Duration: 00:45:21

    Today is when Big Naturals meets their queen for the second time. Sara has huge triple f titties and the way she could shake them makes them even bigger. Jordan was the lucky man this time around, and got to suck and fuck those huge naturals. Her sloppy blow jobs are one of a kind, and dont get me started on the titty fucking. Every position she got fucked in, her huge naturals would not stop shaking.. Enjoy...

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    Arrow Re: Жёсткий секс молоденьких стерв!

    Sammie Rhodes, Bree Daniels, Georgia Jones - Royal treatment

    Size: 390 mb
    Resolution: 768x432
    Duration: 00:35:27

    Georgia recently purchased a new salon, so after setting it up she invited Sammie and Bree over for some serious pampering. Georgia personally attended to Sammie, she washed and massaged her hair. Bree assisted by staring the pussy licking while Sammie was in the salon chair. The girls moved the action to the main room where they ass licked and tongue fucked each other.

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